Silva Preview April 13, 2012 Hottest Brazilian artist today Genesis Portfolio by Jacob Lawrence Panel1 No. 1. "In The Beginning All Was Void." // Panel22 "No. 2. "And God brought forth the firmament and the waters." // Panel3 "No. 3. "The Creation was done - and all was well." // Pane4 "No. 4. "And God created the day and the night and God put stars in the sky."" // Panel5 "No. 5. "And God created all the fowls of the air and fishes of the seas." // Panel6 No. 6. "And God created all the beasts of the earth." // Panel7 No. 7. "And God created man and woman."// Panel8 No. 8. "And God said 'Let the Earth bring forth the grass, trees, fruits, and herbs"// Recent Releases by Wayne MannComeSunday Come Sunday // MilesWithHorn Miles With Horn // WomanInYellowDress Woman In Yellow Dress // ClubHarlemII Club Harlem I // ClubHarlemII Club Harlem II // Bill Pickett Bill Pickett // Recent Release by Barbara Bullock Seeing Is Believing Recent Releases by Sam Gilliam SamTN Barnett // Sam // SamChateau Chateau II // SamCha1 Chakaia 1 // Chak2 Chakaia 2 // Chak3 Chakaia 3 // New Release by David Driskell New Release by Willie Cole The Home and Hearth Featured Artist David Driskell Bird Man Festival Thelma Woman In Interior Still Life With Mask Reclining Nude Obama No Drama Farmer And His Wife Eve And The Apple Faces In The Forest
New Releases by:Wayne Mann, Willie Cole, Faith Ringgold, David Driskell, Kevin Cole and Winston Harris





Welcome to Michelle’s of Delaware LLC
Where an investment in art is an investment in your future.

US Olympic Team Trials - Track & Field June 22 - July 1, 2012 Michelle’s of Delaware LLC is a fine art gallery located in the heart of downtown Wilmington featuring works by visual artists of African Heritage. The gallery collection consists of originals and original graphics (serigraphs, lithographs, intaglios, etching and collographs). In addition to fine art, the gallery also carries high quality offset lithographs commonly called prints. The primary mission of the gallery is to provide the community access to high quality works of art by international and nationally known visual artists. In addition to the works housed at the gallery, a monthly reception is held to further expose our community to these accomplished artists. Michelle’s of Delaware’s inventory of original graphics is considered one of the finest and largest of any private gallery in the world. For years most of the focus of the gallery was on two-dimensional art; we have now expanded our collection to include three-dimensional works of art. The gallery now carries bronze, wood, and stone sculptures.


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