Chaz Guest

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Chaz Guest( 1961- )

Chaz Guest

When Reverend Theodore Guest spoke his voice thundered. His gospel sermons freed the inner voices of each who listened and included was his son Chaz. Raised in Philadelphia under the spiritual and loving Wings of his mother Algirtha. Chaz grew up drawing piqued by the colorful offerings of life Chaz met each phase of his life with wonder. He then chose to train as an athlete which earned him a gymnastics scholarship to Southern Connecticut State University and majored in graphic arts. Upon graduation, he moved to New York City and attended FIT with alluring thoughts of becoming a fashion designer. yet only to return to his true nature, drawing, Encouraged by Antonio Lopez a renowned fashion illustrator Chaz moved to Paris where he created illustrations for the house of Dior, Lacroix, St. Laurent and Ungaro. In this craft Chaz began to imprint his trademark. Faithfully serving the medium of fashion, he gave his illustrations a beauty and life of there own. Here, Chaz discovered how to express, but contentment beckoned from elsewhere. He turned to painting with oil, which offered him a chance to become whole.

While traveling through Europe, Chaz attended a bullfight and for a fleeting moment he saw the nature or Ying and Yang, the fluidity of the matador’s cape juxtaposed against the hard, relentless charging of the bull. This moment of epiphany inspired him to surpass the threshold of his inner consciousness. Chaz paints in a trance, oblivious to the reality that we know, pulled into a deep introspection. The laborious task of painting is accomplished with effortless ease ; for he sees himself as a tool through which his subconscious is realized.

Beyond the images, Chaz's paintings entice the viewer into a surreal world of his mind. At first glance the paintings may bring us to a sultry ambiance of a jazz scene, but see, and Guest invites us to a world not yet discovered, pulsing with the appreciation of curves, rotund, oval and womb-like. We accept his invitation and fall into his abyss, delicate, but mighty... cushioned with layering swirls of russets, blues and whites we sink as we abandon to our senses harmoniously aroused, and conjured by his elusive brushwork and translucent images. Lock around, ft is a place of innocents and peace1 a place we dare not label, categorize or rationalize, this is a beginning of a life long journey.

Chaz Guest has exhibited in prestigious galleries throughout Europe, Asia in the United States, galleries include Lumina gallery Belenky Gallery in Soho, NY and Sandi Webster Gallery in Philadelphia. In 1998 Guest exhibited at the Playboy mansion in Beverly Hills, CA. (1998 Best Bet Los Angeles Times), Heritage Gallery and Alitash Kebede Fine Art In 2000. Guest was commissioned to paint the European championships in France which lead to a commissioned mural-size painting for the 2000 Olympic games (women’s gymnastics). Guest work can be seen in Robert Deniro's film ”The Score", 2001. Char was featured in a Sony computer commercial. This year Muriel K. Boris Gallery in West Hollywood, CA. will be the first to exhibit a collection of Guest action paintings created onstage with renowned saxophonist, and former Miles Davis side-man Kenny Garrett and other performers traveling through Asia and Europe.

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